Autodesk Fusion Additive Manufacturing File Export Types

Thomas Stock Thomas Stock March 11, 2024

2 min read

Check out this comprehensive list of the additive manufacturing file types you can export with Autodesk Fusion.

Additive manufacturing in Autodesk Fusion

Autodesk Fusion allows you to seamlessly export a range of file types for a variety of 3D printers. Whether you’re 3D printing prototypes or end-use products, understanding the available file types you can export using Fusion can streamline your workflow and ensure compatibility with your desired printer. 

In addition to generic file types, users can generate vendor-specific print files, which can be used to directly drive the 3D printer or generate generic file types that can be adapted and used on various additive machines. 

Generic file types supported by Fusion

Vendor-specific file types supported by Fusion

Generating 3MF files

Additionally, users can also generate a 3MF (3D manufacturing file). Unlike an STL file, a 3MF file includes a data structure, so that detailed information, such as support structures and color, are retained. This file type can also be used in Autodesk Netfabb or the proprietary software for some full-color InkJet printers such as the Mimaki and Stratasys. 

Please note that to export in any of these file formats, users must first create an additive setup with FFF, SLA/DLP, SLS, MJF, Binder jetting, DED, or MPBF capabilities. 

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