Important update to your buying process 

Here's everything you need to know

See how to request, review, and accept your Autodesk quote so you can get up and running, faster than before.

What is changing?

Changes have been made to how you purchase and renew your products.

If you work with an Autodesk Partner, you will still work with them for quote requests, support, and training. However, now you’ll receive an emailed quote from Autodesk and will pay directly from within your Autodesk account.

This buying process update is an example of our commitment to continuously enhancing your customer experience.

Why we’re making these changes 

Personalized experience

Setting the foundation to create more personalized experiences tailored to your needs.

Predictable pricing

Providing you consistent pricing no matter how you buy.

Streamlined process

Allowing you more convenience with enhanced self-serve capabilities in your Autodesk account.

What you need to do to be ready

To prepare for your next purchase or renewal, you may need to set up Autodesk as a supplier with your company for invoice payment. Visit the vendor setup page to find the information you need.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is changing about the buying process in New Zealand for Autodesk products?

In the new buying process for subscriptions, your partner will configure your quote (which you will receive from Autodesk) and continue to be involved in all phases of the pre-sales and post-sales experience except for the actual payment transaction, which will happen directly between you and Autodesk.


Autodesk is striving to improve your experience by streamlining the transaction process and providing you with more personalized service.

Where do I go for support?

We understand that change can sometimes be overwhelming, but we have taken great care to make this transition as smooth as possible. We encourage you to visit the customer help center where you will find detailed information about the new buying process. For additional information, contact your partner or Autodesk sales representative.

How should I handle my upcoming renewal?

Since March 4, 2024, a new purchasing process has been in place for renewals of specific Autodesk products in New Zealand. Contact your partner to determine which Autodesk products are affected by this change.


Under the new process, your renewal will automatically default to "auto-renewal." However, you can choose to disable this feature if you prefer to receive a new quote with each renewal.


When you purchase or renew a 3-year term, your pricing will remain consistent for the duration of the contract term.