Installation for individuals

Prepare to install your software

Before installing your Autodesk software, prepare your system and gather all the information you need.

  1. Check prerequisites.
  2. Get permission.
    You need administrative permissions to install. To verify in Windows, select Control Panel > User Accounts > Manage User Accounts. On macOS, check System Preferences > Users & Groups to verify that you have Admin status.
  3. Install system updates and disable antivirus programs.
    If you have pending operating system updates, install them and restart. Consider temporarily disabling antivirus programs, because they often interfere with installation.
  4. If necessary, locate your serial number and product key.
    Usually, your software links to your Autodesk ID, without a serial number. But if your software came with a serial number, you need it and your product key to start your software. You can view the serial number in Autodesk Account or in your confirmation email.
    Note: For most version 2020 and later products, you can sign in such that a serial number is not required even if you have a standalone licence type.

  5. Close all running applications except the installer.

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