Pushing BIM Boundaries: 5 architecture sessions to watch at AU 2020

David Smolker David Smolker November 12, 2020

3 min read

Autodesk University will be a new experience at the end of a challenging year. While we’re leaving Las Vegas, we’re embracing the real in-home comforts a virtual event affords. So trade those long walks across the tradeshow floor for a comfortable place to stream live or on-demand, and let us give you a few tips on architecture sessions that are pushing boundaries.

1) AutoCAD Plant 3D, Civil 3D, and Revit Together: Cross-Platform Design with BIM 360

File this on-demand Industry Talk under the category of “better together.” The focus here is on discovering enhanced workflows for interdisciplinary coordination in the cloud, centered on recent software improvements that make collaboration easier between project teams using BIM 360. Hear how our instructors have learned to use to their advantage recent changes to Revit, AutoCAD Plant 3D software, and Civil 3D by linking workflows in BIM 360 to collaborate more efficiently in the cloud.

Presenters: John Bentz, Patrick Flora, and Chris Algmin | Bookmark it

2) Working during a Pandemic: Mobilizing using BIM 360 Design

Where does work get done in your home office? A spare bedroom? The kitchen table? COVID-19 created unprecedent challenges that required swift measures to enable remote working. As Andrea Allas details in her Industry Talk, regardless of where we are physically, we’re all better connected in the Cloud. Learn how Buro Happold was quickly able to accommodate a fully remote workforce with BIM 360 Design. See how the company was able to go from having 20% of its portfolio in the cloud, to running all projects with BIM 360 Design in only three weeks.

Presenter: Andrea Allas, Digital Design Specialist at Buro Happold | Bookmark it

3) Achieving Better Frame Rates with Revit Models in Unreal Engine

What do we want? Video game quality geometric rendering for our Revit models! When do we want it? In real-time! Pairing BIM software with gaming engines and advanced visualization technologies has evolved from a trend to a way for architects to competitively differentiate. In this Instructional Demo, Orlando Orozco sets you up for success in bringing even your heavy Revit models into Unreal Engine. Learn about triangulated meshes and how to clean up geometry for crisper visualization out of your Revit models.

Presenter: Orlando Orozco, Digital Designer at CallisonRTKL | Bookmark it

4. Connecting People and Algorithms – Generative Design for Informed Decisions

When developing affordable housing, making the economics work relies on optimizing across multiple factors and working within constraints. In this Industry Talk, an approach to leveraging generative design tools built from Revit and Dynamo to assess site layouts for pre-defined housing types evolves into a discussion of the importance of early, fact-based conversations with project collaborators. Learn how to choose and formalize goals and constraints for a project and to integrate a generative design process into Revit.

Presenters: Sofia Malmsten, Eirk Forsberg, and Anita Apele at Bonava | Bookmark it

5. Architectural Practice after COVID19: Preparing for Possible Futures

What does a post-pandemic architecture industry look like? How can contingency planning get you through a recession? In this industry talk, Autodesk’s own Sam Omans joins Phil Bernstein, Associate Dean and Professor Adjunct, Yale School of Architecture, to discuss “projected futures” for the AEC industry. In discussion, they cover the competitive advantages of pursuing short term revenue through new services and doubling down on training, and they emphasize the need to prepare for multiple futures for your business. While talk of strategic planning can make even the most battle-tested design partner go out for another cup of coffee, the skills for designing building scale up to designing businesses, if you keep an eye to the model of your business and the context in which you are operating.

Presenters: Sam Omans, Industry Strategy Manager, Architecture at Autodesk and Phil Bernstein, Associate Dean and Professor Adjunct, Yale University School of Architecture | Bookmark it

Of course, this set of standouts only scratches the surface of what’s in store.

Additional Sessions: Choose from a wide range of class sessions, many available on-demand, featuring Revit Architecture, Dynamo, FormIT, Generative Design, BIM 360 and more!

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