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The Revit Dirty Dozen: 12 Things to Not Do in a Revit File and How to Fix It

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    There are 12 things you should never do in Revit software—but if you do them, here’s how to fix them. Now, we know you didn’t explode a DWG in your Revit project—but somebody did, and it has to be fixed. This is one of 12 examples we will discuss in this class. Of course, we will cover strategies for how to avoid these problems, but let’s be realistic. You can’t control everything. We will dive into 12 painful mistakes made in Revit files that may drastically affect your model and production. We will even go a step further to reveal strategies for avoiding this dirty dozen, and remedies to heal if the damage has already been done. Please join us for this class as we uncover ways in which to keep your Revit model healthy.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover 12 painful mistakes one can make in a Revit file that slows down production.
    • Learn how to fix these errors if the faulty action has already been performed.
    • Learn how to work more proficiently with an uncontaminated Revit model.
    • Discover strategies, remedies, and learning aids to use back in your own office.