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Dynamo for Revit: More Baby Steps for the Non-Genius

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    How do you go from crawling to running Dynamo for Revit software? Baby steps. In this completely updated follow-up to the popular 2016 Autodesk University presentation, Jay Polding will methodically walk you through simple and practical examples that will save you pain and time spent uncovering the basic principles of the latest version of Dynamo. We will provide examples for architects and structural and mechanical engineers. You can expect to walk out of this class with practical Dynamo example files and the confidence needed to run with Dynamo.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn which situations are ideal or not for Dynamo.
    • Learn how to make simple practical Dynamo graphs.
    • Learn how to find and install free Dynamo content (Packages).
    • Discover the common terminology used by Dynamo.