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Architectural Practice after COVID19: Preparing for Possible Futures

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    This class will have two presenters: Sam Omans (Autodesk Architecture Industry Strategy Manager) and Phil Bernstein (Autodesk Fellow and Associate Dean & Professor Adjunct, Yale University School of Architecture). Sam and Phil represent two generations of practitioners, authors, educators, and Autodesk architecture strategists. Speaking in unscripted conversation, they conduct a frank dialogue dedicated to architectural practice under COVID-19 and the next normal. The talk will aim to be the "can't miss" event for Autodesk University attendees interested in architecture. High-level overview of how Autodesk's architecture roadmap and vision for the future will help customers face their business challenges.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover Autodesk's high-level vision of the future of the profession.
    • Discover the value of scenario planning during a recession.
    • Discover the opportunity to develop ASP business models in relation to new tools.
    • Discover the role Autodesk's products aim to play in the future of architecture.