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The Keys to Building Better Client Relationships Through Communication

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    Communication is a key skill for anyone doing business in the modern world. Still, it can often be a major challenge that complicates business and stunts company growth. Join us in this roundtable session following the industry talk "The Keys to Building Better Client Relationships Through Communication" in a discussion to bring out the common, everyday difficulties faced by thousands. Learn how to build solid relationships and create open communications with your clients. Also, learn how to repair client relationships that may have gone awry. Whatever your title, role, or goal, this discussion can help you relate to your clients, and open the communication routes that are necessary to convert clients into advocates. Join your peers to share your experience and gain from the experiences of others as we work together to develop the communication skills that will help you build the relationships that win projects. This session features AutoCAD and Revit.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the major methods of creating, maintaining, and improving client relationships
    • Share and learn from the experience of peers in various industries as we discuss real-life situations
    • Discover the methods to transform relationships that you may have thought were ruined—and turn them into great wins
    • Brainstorm new methods that you can use to reach out to clients and build a foundation of long-lasting business relationships