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Lecture    BM6155
Communication Tips for Building and Maintaining Client Relationships
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Client relationships are the very foundations on which great businesses are built and maintained. While major corporations like Hewlett-Packard Company and Lockheed Martin have famous brands and hundreds of account managers who specialize in dealing with clients, the small business has to take a much more direct approach. Whether you are an owner of a sole proprietorship, a head of a growing firm, or a project manager working in a small company, communicating with your client is the most important skill you can develop. Join us in a discussion to bring out the common, everyday difficulties that your peers face. Learn how to build solid relationships and create open communication with your clients. Also, learn how to repair client relationships that may have gone awry. Whatever your title, role, or goal, this discussion will help you relate to your clients and open the communication necessary to transform clients into advocates.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to form and maintain lasting relationships with prospective and current clients
  • Learn how to identify and improve areas of communication with clients
  • Understand how to approach and identify issues with dissatisfied clients
  • Learn how to change 'problem' clients into advocates of your firm


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