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How to Stay in Business in a Competitive Industry
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I’ve had over 22 years of experience running a successful profitable company and I’ve experienced 3 major market crashes, so I know that staying in business is very challenging. Without the proper planning and know-how, most businesses will not survive. Talented artists create most companies in our industry. Unfortunately most will struggle and go out of business because of their lack of business knowledge. In my roundtable I would like to address some key items most companies will experience along the way, including business planning; marketing; how to be profitable; when to say no; and expanding markets. We will also discuss defining your company/industry; growing a company and how to structure that growth; developing client relationships; and knowing what to expect during key milestones in your business and how to react and plan for them. I have always said, “I may have the best renderers in the industry, but it’s my business knowledge that will keep my company going.”

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to run a successful business
  • Learn about business growth and planning
  • Learn about profitability
  • Learn about marketing


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