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Digital Transformation for the Next Industrial Revolution

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Hybrid digital-physical workflows can enable better outcomes for teams and communities

Hybrid digital-physical workflows can enable better outcomes for teams and communities


In our current era—often referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution—many if not all our processes, both at work and at home, are shaped by digitization. It changes how we live and work, and also how we design, make, and build. One thing that doesn’t change is the need to keep people at the center of the process. Hilda Espinal explains the philosophy of “living-centered design” that drives the CannonDesign team, and how it aims to enhance creativity, improve life experiences, and create positive impacts on communities with processes driven by data. From the University of Montreal Health Center, the largest healthcare facility ever modeled in Revit, to the Screaming Eagles Arena at the University of Southern Indiana, she shares how their hybrid digital-physical workflows are enabling better outcomes for both the teams that make them and the people that use them. And these same capabilities are enabling CannonDesign to evolve from being a design services provider to being an omnichannel firm that offers strategic technology consulting, facilities optimization, a modular construction product line, and software as a service.

About the speaker

Hilda Espinal is the chief technology officer at CannonDesign, recently honored as one of the 10 most innovative architecture firms in the world. She helps clients and project teams leverage technology and data to make informed decisions early in the design process, reducing risk and maximizing the impact of investments. She sits on the national board of directors for Women for Economic Leadership and Development (WELD) and is active in the Digital Fabrication Network.

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