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Seeking Breakthrough Outcomes in Projects and Building Whole Life Management

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    This class describes DPR's implementation of integrated project delivery (IPD) to deliver breakthrough project outcomes and to make the digital assets developed for design and construction flow into the owner's systems to support whole-life facility management. Our clients seek reliable and predictable project outcomes. After handover, their O&M teams seek to reduce the total cost of ownership through building performance and by extending the service life of systems. These goals require us to rethink roles and relationships in terms of measurement and validation, knowledge transfer, and managing facility changes. Integrating design, commission, and test information with integrated workplace and building automation systems helps clients to manage buildings at a lower cost. We will share our experiences in working with clients who understand the business value of IPD based on shared models to achieve breakthrough project and building whole-life management outcomes.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe the total-cost-of-ownership value proposition
    • Communicate how IPD methods deliver whole-life value
    • Design whole-life value requirements into your project design and buyout plan
    • Develop assessment processes and design an incremental whole-life value plan