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Inventor ETO and Configurator 360: Implementation War-Stories Roundtable

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    In this roundtable discussion, users of Inventor Engineer-to-Order software and Configurator 360 software can share their successes and difficulties about specific techniques they’ve used in implementing Sales Engineering and Engineering Automation Solutions. Expected topics will include Inventor software drawings and bills of materials; data management; integration with third-party systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), client relationship management (CRM), and general databases; powerful deployment and maintenance strategies; on-boarding new staff; and so on. Attendees should be familiar with Inventor Engineer-to-Order software or Configurator 360 software, or they should be curious about how it feels to really work with these products. Bring either an experience or a question. Autodesk, Inc.’s, Inventor Engineer-to-Order and Configurator 360 staff members will also contribute to the discussion.

    Key Learnings

    • Contrast your usage/techniques with other users' work styles
    • Discover more about specific Inventor Engineer-to-Order and Configurator 360 techniques
    • Develop a personal face-to-face relationship with expert users
    • Feel like part of a community with common needs to direct future changes to these products