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An Airport’s Journey Implementing a Digital Twin Integrating BIM, GIS, EAM

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    Parsons will highlight the capabilities available within an airport digital twin by showing our work to support the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport digital twin project. The digital twin includes a main runway and passenger terminal. We’ll detail our work to help define digital governance standards, develop a runway-specific asset ontology, and integrate data across multiple source systems: Civil 3D software, Revit software, Infor EAM, Johnson Controls, Veoci Part 139 airfield inspection software, Esri GIS, and ViewMondo weather station data running within the Microsoft Azure Digital Twins cloud. The twin provides real-time updates via Internet of Things (IOT) runway sensors that specify temperature, surface temperature, humidity, and water film. This session will share unique insights and lessons learned regarding the technical and management workflows to plan and execute a digital twin for critical infrastructure assets. A digital twin addresses the industry challenge of how to automate and unify the management of complex civil infrastructure.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to implement a digital governance strategy to define standards and procedures that optimize the use of digital tools and output.
    • Learn about integrating multiple source systems (BIM, EAM, GIS) into a common data environment visible via a single pane of glass interface.
    • Learn about establishing best practices for creating and maintaining a BIM-powered digital twin that embeds a standardized asset ontology.
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