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Zero to (BIM)Hero: Shift from 2D into 3D in Digital Construction

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    This session will discuss a company's successful shift from 2D construction to 3D construction. By capitalizing on advanced digital technology, the company was able to transform its traditional 2D construction process into a more efficient and accurate 3D construction process. The new 3D process involves the creation of detailed 3D models using building information modeling (BIM) software, which allows for improved visualization, coordination, and communication between different stakeholders. The use of 3D models enables the company to detect and resolve potential design clashes, constructability issues, and conflicts between building systems before the construction phase, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Furthermore, the use of 3D models allows for more-accurate quantity takeoffs, material planning, and construction scheduling. By implementing 3D construction, the company is able to improve project quality, speed, and cost savings while maintaining high standards of safety and compliance.

    Key Learnings

    • Acquire the knowledge and skills to develop a road map for transitioning from 2D project delivery to incorporating 3D models.
    • Learn how to strategize the development of Revit for enhanced project delivery efficiency and consistency.
    • Learn how to avoid small mistakes that the company made while starting with the project delivery.
    • Learn about the implications of 3D construction on project planning, scheduling, and cost estimating.