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Workflows for Virtual Production with Remote Teams

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    How can film and TV production move forward in the age of social distancing? This talk will explore a case study of a workflow under development by a broad team of studio production executives and technology partners. We will describe new capabilities in virtual production tools and system architectures to perform as much work as possible remotely using game engines, cloud services, virtualization, live LED wall projections, live motion-capture sessions, large-scale volumetric location scanning, and workgroup platforms.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover developing plans for restarting production using virtual tools.
    • Learn how to design new workflows for geographically remote teams to plan and execute technically sophisticated productions.
    • Learn how to use newly developed tools to perform remote location scouting and physical production planning.
    • Develop shared VR workspaces and tools to plan and execute VFX-heavy production.