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Visualize Before You Vote: Using InfraWorks to Help Voters Make Informed Choices

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    A key requirement for a transportation project to be eligible for federal funding is completion of a noise assessment. If post-development noise levels are determined to be above a certain threshold, sound mitigation may be required pending a vote by those who would benefit from the reduction of noise. In this session, we'll review a real-world case study in which InfraWorks software was used to create a detailed model of a completed roadway design. Using the InfraWorks web viewer, the model was shared with voters to help them understand the visual impacts of a potential sound wall. We will demonstrate advanced workflows for importing and configuring CAD, geographic information system (GIS), and imagery data in InfraWorks to create a detailed visualization model. We'll also explore the use of custom InfraWorks schema, create new styles using imported materials, optimize scenarios for online viewing, and demonstrate storyboard creation techniques.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use advanced techniques to more accurately visualize AutoCAD Civil 3D designs in InfraWorks
    • Learn how to use the InfraWorks web viewer tools
    • Learn how to create animations using the InfraWorks storyboard tools
    • Learn how to use custom InfraWorks schema types to better organize data