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Visualize the Design Workflow of Custom-Built Homes with FormIt, Revit, and InfraWorks

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    Design visualization is one of the most common ways to help designers portray their concepts to owners. Many owners have a hard time intuitively understanding 2D drawings such as plans, sections, and elevations. 3D models let designers get multiple views and generate visuals quickly for owners and other nonindustry stakeholders. The questions for design teams: When do you begin modeling, and how do you convey important siting information during the design phase? This class will demonstrate a workflow utilizing FormIt software, Revit software, and InfraWorks software to create a smoother workflow. We’ll incorporate earlier conceptual modeling with FormIt, and site context visualization with the model in InfraWorks. Then we’ll transition to construction documentation modeling in Revit and site context visualization in InfraWorks.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how conceptual, custom home models in FormIt can be visualized in InfraWorks
    • Learn how to bring a conceptual model from FormIt to Revit
    • Learn about how Revit custom home models can be visualized in InfraWorks
    • Learn about the workflow to visualize multiple design options from FormIt and Revit in InfraWorks