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Vault for the Revit User

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    Think Vault software is only for manufacturing? Think again. You know working in Revit software creates a lot of information. Much of that can be managed within the model environment. But Vault adds additional data and project management support to the iterations, changes, and data created throughout your project’s life. In this class, you’ll learn how to marry Revit with Vault Professional software to create a secure single source of truth. You’ll learn configurations and workflows that Vault Professional provides to assist your organization’s current process. We’ll even explore how to integrate BIM 360 software with Vault (and Revit) to learn how to sync the designs to your team site for distribution.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to configure Vault Professional to mimic your firm’s design workflows and specifications
    • Learn about the Vault Professional add-in for Revit and the functionality that is provided
    • Learn how to collaborate with clients and suppliers using Vault Professional software’s integration with BIM 360
    • Learn about dealing with change when using Revit and Vault Pro