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Value Enhancement in Optioneering Through Computational Structural Design

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    Computing power is increasing exponentially, however, structural engineers are only starting to realize its power for design automation. This talk will focus on how this can be used to provide optioneering in early project stages, and investigate a computational scheme design tool. The talk will deconstruct the tool and its logic to demonstrate the integration between the various Autodesk packages and how this is formed into a cohesive product to provide valuable information for design teams. The tool provides metrics such as material cost, embodied C02, and program implications, while utilizing the Atkins Human-Centered Design toolkit to ensure a holistic appreciation of project requirements. The talk will feature exemplar uses of the tool on pilot projects and will quantify the increased value achievable over conventional design approaches. We will then discuss future improvements to the tool and how computational design could be used in other ways to improve structural design.

    Key Learnings

    • Consider the implications of computational design over traditional delivery methods
    • Understand typical logic path in scheme level computational design
    • Discover how computational design can be translated into better value
    • Understand interaction between Revit, Robot Structural Analysis, and Dynamo