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VR / AR the new frontier

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    Virtual reality is the latest hype for game developers for engaging audiences from content consumption perspective. But the technology has much broader applications. Due to the latest advancements in hardware and software these technologies are becoming approachable for engineers, architects and visualization specialists. Both VR and AR enabling new workflows in design, prototyping, visualizing and marketing products. Are you ready for the VR explosion? What tools and VR-Ready standards can help you and your employees get started cost effectively and safely? Join Dell virtual reality experts to discover where you might apply your skills and passion to fuel your business including live demos and information about the future of VR as businesses change the way they design and sell products!

    Key Learnings

    • See that VR is not all about games
    • Seeing designs in VR will help sell your ideas
    • Understand the requirements for commercial VR systems
    • See what tools and resources Dell has available for VR success