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Using a Work Breakdown Structure and BIM 360 for Effective Labor Delivery and Control
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"Managing the risk in labor costs on a construction project is critical to the success of any contractor. Using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) based on the model during pre-construction helps ensure thoroughness of the design and budget, and serves as an early foundation for effective cost management. This establishes benchmarks against which to measure and verify during construction. Effective labor management requires documenting and verifying against these benchmarks on what was installed and how efficiently. Construction projects can be complex and fast paced making it additionally challenging to collect accurate information about the status of a project.

Through the Forge Platform, contractors can leverage BIM 360, WBS, and an integrated labor delivery process to help measure productivity. In this presentation, we will discuss how this creates a vital link between design, estimating and project management and the many benefits of including this data within the model."

Key Learnings

  • Understand how a work breakdown structure can interact with the model for more-effective design and project management
  • Learn how BIM 360 Docs integrates with eSUB construction software for a standardized and repeatable labor delivery process
  • Learn how to mitigate the risk in construction labor and profits with real-time productivity analysis for early warning detection and correction
  • Discover the importance of the diligence of best practices in data collection and documentation



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