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Using Revit and A360 Rendering for Presentations and Virtual Reality

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    This class will cover guidelines, best practices, and workflows to capitalize on the time spent modeling in Revit software. Attendees will learn how to generate various types of visualizations that will lead up to rendering in the cloud, and then how to use them for virtual reality (VR). They will learn best practices on proper modeling techniques, workflows, and some of the tools available in the cloud render service. Topics covered will include the various types of visualization available, A360 rendering (what it is and why use it with Revit), what it takes to get a great render, best practices for loadable and system families, light fixture use, setting up scenes, materials overview, preparation of the view, render settings, cloud tools, benefits, and tips and tricks.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn to generate various types of visualizations with Revit as well as with the cloud
    • Learn how to properly light a model
    • Learn how to properly model loadable and system families for rendering and beyond
    • Learn to generate renders and panoramas in the cloud and discover how to use them with VR