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Using InfraWorks 360 for an Infrastructure Project in the Cloud

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    Coordinators of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and CAD from COWI A/S will show how the company has been using InfraWorks 360 software and the cloud to collaborate, and they will show the company's model of the new E16, the single biggest contract for a road project that The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has ever announced. The Infrateam at COWI took a new approach by using InfraWorks 360 software for the main visual model in an infrastructure project. This experience has given the team many valuable benefits, which contributed to optimizing the design. This class's main goal is to share some of the methods that the COWI Teams used. The teams used InfraWorks 360 software in the initial phase of the project and the teams then decided to use the power of the software and the cloud to perfect and convey the design as the project moved on. The process started with importing data in different formats into the model, sketching the road in InfraWorks 360 software to end up with a precise infrastructure design, producing in external software, and then importing into InfraWorks 360 software. This is an infrastructure project in InfraWorks 360 software and the cloud, from start to end—the COWI way.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to communicate your design to your clients through the cloud
    • Gain knowledge about how a full infrastructure project can be conducted in InfraWorks 360 software
    • Learn how to utilize geographic information system (GIS) data in the early parts of the design process
    • Learn how to get precise road data into InfraWorks 360 software