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Using Autodesk Expertise to Develop Innovative Processes in Complex Environments
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Cities are growing faster than ever. As a result, urban population growth is dramatically outpacing access to basic services, and municipalities must develop efficient sanitation and waste management solutions. Sanergy has developed an innovative way of efficiently converting sanitation and organic waste into animal feed, using insect-rearing technology. Globally, no industry has previously existed for conversion of waste to animal feed, thus, new processes needed to be designed and integrated with solutions identified in other industries. It required high levels of critical design thinking and innovative process engineering to test and validate the underpinning biology assumptions, and to develop an end-to-end approach that was capable of processing 300 tons of waste per day. The class will take you through the journey to build the first factory of its kind in Africa, covering specifically how Autodesk software (AutoCAD software and Fusion 360 software) helped to solve key engineering and environmental problems.

Key Learnings

  • Discover a case study of how Autodesk software and expertise can be used to solve big social challenges
  • Learn about how Autodesk Foundation’s services can be used to design and build systems for meaningful impact
  • Learn about the iterative engineering process and how it can be applied to confirm process designs


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