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Using the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection to Save Lives

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    Los Angeles’s mayor proposed a $91 million project called Vision Zero designed to help the city of Los Angeles end traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2025. Every year, more than 200 people are killed while moving through the city. In fact, traffic collisions are a leading cause of death for children in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation and US CAD found many ways to utilize the Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection to help achieve goals set forth by this program. Using reality capture technology and ReCap software, they rapidly modeled existing intersections. With InfraWorks software, city planners created 3D models using their extensive geographic information system (GIS) libraries and ReCap scans. Continuing in InfraWorks, they laid out design proposals to communicate design with the engineering team. The city engineers then took the InfraWorks model and refined the design using Civil 3D software. The last step was using Autodesk’s Vehicle Tracking software to verify that certain vehicles would be able to turn at these new traffic-calming intersections. With these tools, the process, which before could have taken weeks, was done in days.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to get scanned data into ReCap and move to a known coordinate system
    • Learn about using InfraWorks and the tools to process point clouds (terrain, linear feature extraction) and how to share a model via a web browser
    • Learn how to import GIS data, stylize data, layout curb extensions for intersections, and add crosswalks and striping
    • Learn how to bring in an InfraWorks model, discover tools used to refine the design, and learn how to do a swept-path analysis