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Unlocking BIM for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Designers

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    The Construction industry is typified by time and financial pressure, rapid deadlines, low profit margins, large and distributed working teams, and huge fiscal borrowing. And yet, the European BIM Task Group Handbook reports, �The European construction sector output of �1.3tn (trillion) is approximately 9% of the region's GDP and it employs over 18 million people; however, it is one of the least digitalised sectors with flat or falling productivity rates.� Reports forecast that the wider adoption of BIM will unlock 15-25% savings to the global infrastructure market by 2025. BIM has become the accepted model of the construction industry. But now that we understand BIM, it's crucial to gain knowledge of how BIM can transform your own business processes. This presentation will discuss BIM implementation use cases in the MEP field from Skanska, Rambol, Slussen, and Granlund, and it covers the following areas: � Information flow � BIM beyond technology � Lean construction and levels of BIM maturity � 3 BIM cornerstones for MEP designers: calculations, coordination, and collaboration

    Key Learnings

    • to give a better understanding of what BIM offers specifically to MEP designers
    • to learn how to employ a new way of thinking ? new methodologies ? to completely harness the potential of BIM in MEP
    • to better understand how BIM can help us to adopt lean principles in construction
    • to learn through use cases