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Turn Revit Data into Useful Information with Visualization Techniques and Workflows

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    The main purpose of this class is to provide basic knowledge of data visualization (a science that deals with choosing data to show via graphics and knowing how to show it) and how to apply it in Revit software projects. Attendees will discover the different ways of extracting data and how to process that data. We will then show how to select the data of a warehouse and start the process of turning it into graphics. The class aims to address a big gap that lies in architectural projects between the design and the information that a Revit model brings us-a problem that exists because the professionals don't know how to extract data and actually read it to draw conclusions. Knowing how to extract and visualize, professionals will be able to include this way of working into their projects in the design and planning phases.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the potential of data coming from Revit
    • Learn about best ways to extract Revit data
    • Learn how to transform Revit data into useful information
    • Learn data-visualization techniques for architectural projects using Power BI and Tableu