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Transition to BIM 360, Maximize the Benefits, and Implement Firm Wide

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    Whether you’re part of a small company or a large firm with multiple offices, there’s a great deal of benefit in transitioning to the BIM 360 cloud-based platform to enable flexibility and avoid slowdowns associated with VPN. If you’ve already transitioned, the focus shifts to developing workflows and best practices to maximize the benefits of BIM 360 while maintaining consistency project to project, or even office to office. This class will apply to multiple levels of expertise, discussing how to set up BIM 360 projects, assign appropriate levels of permissions, set up teams, and schedule automatic publishing. We’ll even touch on the less commonly used BIM 360 Model Coordination module and BIM 360 Field software. Diving a little deeper, we will also discuss creating BIM 360 templates, documenting workflows, and providing trainings for wide-scale implementation. We will use Allegiant Stadium in Nevada as an example of the benefits and challenges that result from placing the design team and construction team in the same BIM 360 hub.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to transition to a cloud-based platform to enable live coordination across disciplines and increased efficiency.
    • Learn how to set up BIM 360 projects and navigate through multiple modules (Design, BIM 360 Docs, Coordinate).
    • Learn how to effectively create BIM 360 templates for wide-scale implementation.
    • Evaluate the benefits and complexities of sharing the project hub with the construction team.