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They See Me Mouldin', They Makin'!

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    You can see plastic injection moulded parts everywhere. From the consumer products and children's toys in our homes all the way through to the interiors of the cars we drive. With the addition of injection moulding simulation tools and the Product Design extension in Fusion 360, there is now the opportunity to take the design of injection moulded components all the way from concept through to design, manufacturing validation and tooling manufacture all without ever leaving Fusion. So that's what we'll do. We'll follow the whole process from start to finish. We'll look at designing a part, designing the mould, validating the mould, cutting chips on the CNC to make the mould and finally producing the part.

    Key Learnings

    • Design injection moulding ready parts
    • Design appropriate injection moulding tooling
    • Validate injection mould tooling designs
    • Manufacture and use injection moulding tooling to produce plastic components