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A Sustainable Future with Green Hydrogen

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A Sustainable Future with Green Hydrogen

Explore a new way to store the energy we generate from renewable sources.



As we move to a future powered by renewable energy, one key question is how best to store that energy. After all, renewable sources like solar and wind are intermittent—they generate power under the right conditions. Batteries are great for short-term storage—they capture and deliver energy with 99% efficiency—but their charge dissipates over time. Enass Abo-Hamed is the founder and CEO of H2GO, a company developing a new hydrogen-based energy storage technology. It can store energy for years without dissipation and release it as needed in a way that is both safe and controllable, unlike previous hydrogen-based solutions, which entailed significant risks. Developed with assistance from Autodesk Research, the H2GO technology can provide large-scale energy storage for both communities and industry. It is also being used to power a new drone that can fly 3x further than comparable battery-powered drones of the same weight. In this session, Abo-Hamed sits down with Autodesk’s Stephen Hooper, Vice President of Design and Manufacturing, to share how the company has evolved, what it means for a sustainable future, and what other start-ups can learn from their journey.

About the speaker

Enass Abo-Hamed is the co-founder and CEO of H2GO Power Ltd., a company that emerged from the University of Cambridge developing energy storage templates. The University of Cambridge is also where Abo-Hamed earned her PhD and was a postdoctoral fellow. She is a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellow and an expert consultant to the European Commission (REA). She has a decade of research and business experience in hydrogen production and storage, catalysis, and renewable energy.       

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