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Autodesk CFD and Inventor Nastran—Best Tools to Design Ecofriendly Electric Cars

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    Learn how to correctly prepare a complicated 3D model in Fusion 360 software, then transfer it to Autodesk CFD, validate the geometry, and simulate fluid flow basis on real multipiston axial pumps. Results of this scenario will be used for stress analysis with vibration and fatigue impact in Inventor Nastran software. This class is based on a real industry case. Almost all the car companies like Ferrari, Ford, or Tesla invest in electric drive solutions. One of the biggest challenges in their new projects is the silencing of the car interior. After eliminating the loud combustion engine, we start to hear things like the knocking of the air condition system caused by vibration of fluid flow driven by multipiston pumps. Elimination of this effect leads to fatigue and failures. You’ll learn how to protect your design in Autodesk’s Simulation software. Progress is impossible without changes. Autodesk helps us make these changes properly.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover best practices for daily simulations
    • Learn about the basis of fatigue stress and vibrations
    • Learn how to work with a complex model in FEA software
    • Learn how to correctly interpret the results of fluid structure interaction (FSI) analysis