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Simulating Sheet Metal Forming in Fusion 360 Event Simulation

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    Sheet metal forming is an integral part of the manufacturing industry, and sheet metal parts can be found everywhere: cars (fenders, hoods, and doors), home appliances (freezers and sinks), and airplane panels. The complexity involved in simulating a deformation-based process like sheet metal forming, which is characterized by large deformation and an abundant amount of contact, has been streamlined in Fusion 360 software. This class will explore several methods for designing, setting up, and running sheet metal forming simulations for processes such as stamping and deep drawing in Fusion 360 Event Simulation. Designers will learn how to set up loading conditions, contact conditions, fixed and displacement boundary conditions, and nonlinear material properties for both quasistatic and dynamic-type simulations. Finally, the class will explore how to correctly interpret sheet metal forming simulation results for use in design and manufacturing.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up quasistatic and dynamic simulations for nonlinear problems with contact
    • Learn about boundary conditions (both fixed and prescribed displacements) and loads for sheet metal forming problems
    • Learn how to set up nonlinear materials properties and contact definition between interacting bodies for forming problems
    • Learn how to correctly interpret results (stresses, strains, and reaction forces) from a sheet metal forming simulation