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Surface Modeling—Creating Accurate Bridge Models Using Point Clouds

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    Surface modeling is an efficient and accurate way to create existing 3D models, and you can use this existing geometry to add proposed geometry. This class will start with the importance of the way in which the original scan data must be processed in order for it to become a useable format. The attendees will then work through how to manipulate the point cloud in order to create 3D geometry of the existing structure. We will show attendees how to overcome problems that arise during surface modeling. We will also show how this geometry can then be used in other Autodesk, Inc., software, such as Inventor software. The class will introduce a unique way to create existing 3D geometry and show how one can use this in other Autodesk software.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the process of converting original scan data into a useable format
    • Learn how to import data into AutoCAD 2016 and manipulate the data
    • Learn how to create a surface model of existing elements
    • Learn how to import a surface model into Inventor for addition of proposed elements