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Structural Steel and Concrete Analysis Through 3D Scanning
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We will discuss how McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., has unlocked the power of the precision and accuracy of laser scanning for investigating structural deviations throughout the construction process. By capitalizing on Autodesk, Inc., products, along with custom tools, we have discovered workflows that enable us to quickly calculate steel cambers and monitor deformation before and after concrete pours. We have also capitalized on scan data to generate topographic maps on concrete slabs in order to help guide flooring operations, such as grinding, the use of flooring material, and the setting of door heights, eventually using this data for ASCI Inspection Standards. This discussion will go over the benefits of obtaining this data in terms of cost control, reduction of rework, post hand-off client sustainability, and added value to a project, along with the associated startup costs and resources involved in performing these tasks.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about steel camber analysis pre versus post pouring
  • Learn about concrete topographic contour creation and learn how to use it
  • Discover problems solutions associated with collecting analyzing accurate data
  • Learn about advancement/simplification of implementation and learn how to use of these analyzes



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