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Standardizing Excellence in Reality Capture via National LOA/Imagery Specifications

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    In this class, we will be introducing reality capture standards developed by the US Institute of Building Documentation, related to the execution and delivery of reality capture data throughout the construction process. Technologies will include 3D laser scanning, 360 photography, videography, drones, and more. We will review request for proposals, requests for qualifications, and contract documents for ensuring that the owner, general contractor, and/or service provider are on the same page when performing reality capture. We will review how to use the level of accuracy (LOA) specification for standardized Revit modeling of “ideal” models against “realistic” physical point clouds. We will also review the imagery specification to ensure that 360 photography, videography, and construction photographs captured from cameras or drones are interoperable with other systems. Finally, we will share our analysis of the current and future reality capture tech landscape.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the basics of reality-capture-related RFPs and RFQs
    • Gain knowledge of both traditional and disruptive reality capture tech
    • Understand how to capitalize on the USIBD level of accuracy specification when doing Revit modeling
    • Learn how to use the USIBD imagery specification