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Solar Analysis: Calculating Shaded Areas in Revit for Sustainable Design

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    When planning building areas, you may want to identify what a building's shadow looks like. In some cases, you want to determine how shaded exterior walls, windows, or planting will be. One way of getting information is to use the Solar Analysis tool—included in the Insight plug-in in Revit software. We will also show advanced processes using Dynamo software and the Revit API to determine the sun direction and the shaded areas of a whole building or particular objects such as walls, roof, windows, and more, in Revit models. This class provides a basis for using intelligent models for the design and analysis of sustainable buildings.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up Revit models for solar analysis.
    • Discover the Insight plug-in for Revit and learn how to use the Solar Analysis tool.
    • Learn how to calculate the shaded areas in the model with the power of Dynamo and the Revit API.
    • Learn how to use Revit to design and make a sustainable building.