Lecture    AB3020
Size Does Matter: Learn How to Scale and Morph Families in Revit
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Have you ever wanted to scale a family in Revit software or were just curious to know how to do it? This class shows you how! Have you ever noticed that when you select a family in Revit, the scale command is always grayed out? This means that scaling a family in Revit is not as simple as selecting the family and using the scale command. However this class shows you how to scale any family in Revit by applying simple scale principles. This class also shows you how to morph a family in Revit because scaling and morphing are the same phenomenon. There are many ways to scale a family in Revit but the scaling and morphing methods presented in this class are simple, efficient, practical, unique, and fun and all are controlled by just 1 parameter each.

Key Learnings

  • Create a family where the size or scale could be adjusted through just 1 parameter
  • Create a family where morph or the shape could be adjusted through just 1 parameter
  • Create a family where scale and morph are combined together and either could be adjusted through 1 parameter each
  • Scale families that are in the traditional family editor



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