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The Seven Deadly Sins of CAD and BIM Management.

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    Are you a glutton for the perfect CAD/BIM standard? Do you lust after other CAD/BIM managers who have the authority to get things done? Do project teams become greedy about their own standards, wrathfully rejecting the standardized and more efficient ways you proudly implement? You need not despair. This class will focus on ways to put yourself into the enviable position of having users who listen to you. Combining more than two decades of CAD, BIM, and IT support and management experience, plus years of working with numerous companies to help support their technical managers and staff, we will discuss the things nobody likes to talk about—the sins CAD and BIM managers commit while doing their jobs. What sins might you be guilty of, and what’s the path to righteousness? Join this session to learn some of the common pitfalls, missteps, and misconceptions that come with the job, and uncover why they happen, and learn how to avoid them.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn common missteps that CAD/BIM Managers often take
    • Learn about the importance of looking at the CAD/BIM manager job from multiple points of view
    • Discover strategies to avoid falling into traditional traps
    • Find out how not to be that support guy