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Robot Structural Analysis: A Solid Foundation for Practical Projects

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    This lab will use straightforward practical examples to teach best practices to new users of Robot Structural Analysis software. The lab is intended for those who have an understanding of structural analysis but are new to Robot Structural Analysis. It will introduce the basic functionality of Robot Structural Analysis, key features, and best office practices for teams working in Robot Structural Analysis. Topics will include, but are not limited to, concrete design, steel design, and composite deck design. Additional topics will address loadings and key strategies for collaboration between Robot Structural Analysis and other Autodesk applications, such as Revit software and Advance Steel software.

    Key Learnings

    • Explore Robot Structural Analysis software’s key features and capabilities
    • Learn how to use the different project types and layouts built into Robot Structural Analysis
    • Learn how to implement best practices for deploying Robot Structural Analysis within a structural engineering office
    • Learn how to use the capabilities of the Robot Structural Analysis, Revit, and Advance Steel interoperability