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Road Work Ahead: New Techniques for Road Reconstruction Using Civil 3D 2019

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    With 80% of road construction budgets going toward road rehabilitation, is "mill 2/overlay 2" the best that can be done? This class will explore the new road rehab tools in Civil 3D software, and show how you can use them to reduce milling, reduce material costs, and produce a smoother final road surface. We'll explore the new tools as well as how to incorporate mobile LIDAR (light detecting and ranging) into your design process to identify potential problems in design instead of in the field. We'll also look at how the techniques in these new tools are being used at a United States Department of Transportation.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to apply the Road Rehab tools in Civil 3D 2019 to a mill and overlay job
    • Learn how to incorporate mobile LIDAR data to create a base model for rehab design
    • Learn how to apply the rehab tools to design a mill and overlay job that will save materials and produce a better final road
    • Learn how the rehab reports can be customized to meet local requirements