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Road Rehabilitation Made Easy
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During the session we will cover the entire process of a road rehabilitation project. The very first step will define the construction regions to minimize the impact of road closure. The design will start with processing laser scan data in ReCap software and InfraWorks software to create objects like terrain, horizontal feature lines, and vertical features. You will learn the best practices to bring the results to Civil 3D software. Next, we will create a road rehabilitation project in Civil 3D, which will include best-fit alignment and rehab corridor. You will also learn best practices for how to smooth the vertical profile to meet design criteria. After finishing corridor, we will analyze the design and use dynamic model to iterate the design to satisfy the requirements like minimum cross slope and so on.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to define the construction regions to minimize the impact of road closure
  • Learn how to prepare survey data from different sources for road rehab projects
  • Learn how to conduct road rehabilitation project
  • Learn how to analyze the results to meet design criteria



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