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Revit and Inventor "How We Saved a Month per Project Streamlining Our Workflow" Dane Architectural

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    This industry talk deep dive will explain how Dane Architectural streamlined their workflow with Revit to Inventor and back again. When the world of Architects and Manufactures come together it's important that the company has the correct tools to do the job. Dane Architectural have been utilising the Autodesk platform of software, Revit and Inventor for many years and have a small army of CAD-based users. Graitec were surprised to hear how it was taking Dane Architectural design team over 30 days per project to create the Manufacturing models in metal work. This was impacting the company greatly, and we were then asked to find a solution. This didn't take us long, utilising the tools Dane already owned. Working closely with both the Architects and Manufacturers we managed to streamline to design process from an astonishing 30 days down to an unbelievable 3 hours. Throughout the industry talk we will discuss the workflow and how this streamline affected Dane's ability to win more projects. We will also show workflows up to the BIM collaborative model sharing with Architects. "The Revit and Inventor consultancy provided us with a significant improvement in our workflow which took a project of work from an average of 30 days to 3 hours." Paul Snaith Project Draughtsman Dane Architectural

    Key Learnings

    • Use the correct tools for the job
    • Streamline the Inventor to Revit workflow
    • Win more bids
    • Reduce time to market and deliver on time.