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Revit Stakeholder Panel: Revit Stakeholders Discuss Standards in Branded Families
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This panel will include top Building Information Modeling (BIM) practitioners from the different stakeholders involved in the lifecycle of a facility (owners, designers, builders, and manufacturers). We'll discuss standardization along with what information stakeholders want and need in models and families to make their workflows more efficient. We'll explore what information is wanted now and what information we need to plan to include in the future. We'll also discuss shared parameters, multiple level of development (LOD) versions, and other topics that panelists bring into the discussion. This panel will be followed by a roundtable to open up the discussion to all audience members (Revit Stakeholder Roundtable).

Key Learnings

  • Understand what information should be standardized in branded Revit families
  • Understand what different stakeholders want included in branded Revit families
  • Understand what family information is needed presently and what information content providers should prepare to provide in the future
  • Understand which features stakeholders value the most (comprehensive and standardized shared parameters, parameters that are most vital today and those that are wanted in the future, multiple LOD versions for products, and so on)




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