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Revit Fabrication: Bridging the Gaps with eVolve MEP

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    Revit Fabrication is transforming yearly and yet we still have gaps in the Revit Fabrication workflow. This session will cover Revit Fabrication software’s process for specific detailing tasks like the automation of hanger and sleeve placement with built-in coordination. Easily create spools from assemblies and package them for the fabrication shop. The idea of a single solution is what we are striving for. eVolve MEP helps leaders in the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing industries harness the power of Revit for increased revenue, improved productivity, a stronger workforce, and enhanced quality. We do this through software and services that enable faster detailed workflows, smarter use of skilled labor, fewer errors, higher quality, and ultimately more projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to quickly place hangers on entire pipe and duct systems.
    • Learn how to create spool sheets to automatically create views, schedules, annotation, dimensions, and spool continuation tags.
    • Learn how to use customized tags placement tools to speed up your documentation.
    • Learn how to use our Utilities toolset to help improve your productivity.