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Revit, Dynamo, and Excel for HVAC Design
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All of us have been there at one time or another: faced with the daunting mundane task of manually inputting data from a certain program to another. And this not only takes an extremely long time, but it is also prone to error—along with the fact that the information is static and isolated. So, instead of spending more money on a new add-in or software program, this session will demonstrate how to capitalize on Revit software, Dynamo, and Microsoft Excel (software programs already on our computers) to produce accurate HVAC load results for HVAC design. Attendees will learn to utilize design criteria with Revit MEP Spaces, and learn how to push, pull, and manipulate that data using Dynamo and Excel.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to run load analysis using Revit
  • Learn how to set up an HVAC design template file
  • Learn how to push and pull room balance data between Revit and Excel through Dynamo
  • Learn how to automate repetitive data-input tasks



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