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Revit Dynamo and AI for the decontamination of a refinery site

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    Challenging the deconstruction and decontamination of a former industrial site: the refinery of Dunkerque in France. From a huge data sets of 30 000 old plans and a dynamic scan of a 90Ha area, the low LOD Revit models were made manually but also automatically using IA with image recognition. The representations of the contamination and lithology is modelled with voxels and informed using interpolation scripts with Dynamo directly from georeferenced boreholes stored in excel datasheets. The aim of this BIM model is to create scenariis of depollution depending of what is located underground : pipes, concrete and pollutants.

    Key Learnings

    • BIM Sustainability
    • Revit and Dynamo
    • Retro engineering & IA
    • Data managing