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Revit Best Practices in Cast-in-Place and Precast Structure Engineering
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This session will be a review of the construction design stage of five completed buildings that were fully designed in Revit software without using AutoCAD software. Topics will include methods of cast-in-place concrete building design in Revit; methods of precast concrete building design in Revit; advantages and disadvantages of using 3D rebar; and advantages of using Revit for the construction design stage. Relevant pictures are available at https://yadi.sk/d/7fHqcddFqu1oeQ.

Key Learnings

  • Discover three ways of designing cast-in-place structures in Revit
  • Learn about two ways of designing precast structures in Revit—construction documentation development options
  • Learn about cases where we may use 3D rebar more effectively in place of 2D
  • Discover four possible ways for developing construction documentation in Revit and choosing better


Revit Best Practices in Cast-in-Place and Precast Structural Engineering

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