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Revalidation of P&IDs: Introducing AR into Oil and Gas with ReCap and AutoCAD Plant 3D

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    Every day 14 people die in job-related accidents in the United States. Safety is the top concern of any process plant operation. Using ReCap Pro software, Navisworks software, and AutoCAD Plant 3D software from the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection, Environmental Intellect (Ei) has increased worker safety by minimizing time in the field in harsh and dangerous environments. The following downstream benefits have been realized by using these integrated, intelligent solutions: evergreen P&IDs; better management of change (MOC); more-informed process hazard analysis (PHA); and improved process safety management (PSM). We will present how these and other benefits were successfully achieved at several oil refineries, chemical plants, and other industrial process facilities within the last 18 months.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the safety benefits of having better data
    • Discover new workflows for capitalizing on information to improve safety and operations in a process plant
    • Learn how to implement better solutions in your own plant environment
    • Discover industry case studies with detailed benefits