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Return on Investment of Cloud-Based Collaboration and Mobility for Construction

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    This engaging class is aimed at construction managers, quality managers, and executives from construction service providers who are evaluating the financial impact of Cloud and Mobile Construction Solutions, such as BIM 360 Field software and BIM 360 Glue software. We will explore a detailed and proven analysis tool for collecting project data and then analyzing and quantifying benefits. We will ask attendees to consider a hypothetical $100 million building project as a tangible example, and we will collect inputs from the audience to foster a collaborative discussion. We will then use the results to estimate a return on investment. Real-world metrics from existing projects and case studies will support each step of the process. The methodology can benefit construction professionals who are already using BIM 360 software on their projects and want to understand how the tools affect their key results areas; prospective users of BIM 360 software can also begin to consider which project areas would benefit from these new technologies.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand effective practices for implementing cloud-based BIM collaboration tools in construction and commissioning
    • Understand how these tools lead to improvements in staff productivity, project schedule, and quality by reducing rework
    • Learn how to use tangible project data to quantitatively estimate the benefits and cost savings delivered by these improvements
    • Learn how to use a comprehensive framework to evaluate ROI and build powerful business cases supported by real metrics